Empowering the lives of Underserved Children


6WORKSHOPS: POW works to emotionally empower children who have been through trauma – this includes child sexual abuse and becoming orphaned. POW provides child sensitised, psychologically verified activity therapy (story-telling, dance, music, skits, and art among others) that makes a meaningful intervention and helps the children to process and overcome the trauma they have been through. Our curriculum is designed by India’s leading child psychologists. Our activity therapies, in subtly therapeutic and imaginative ways, teach the children safety, trust, care and the like. As we have measured, this mitigates the emotional stress commonly found in the lives of the children and in so doing translates into better self esteem and focus and facilitates the development of key skills. In the process, the workshops also become a space for children that is associated with security and fun, that are essentially what childhoods ought to be about.

It is important to understand that love, care and trust are not something that we are born with. We learn it when it is extended to us. Emotional empowerment then is a fundamental part of education. Therefore, POW’s activities encourage the holistic education of the children we work with.