Empowering the lives of Underserved Children


Paint Our World in the news

1. Founder and Director of Paint Our World, Dr. Priya Virmani’s Tedx Talk at IIT Delhi, February 2016, titled The Power of Healing.


2. Paint Our World’s Founder and Director dicussed the debates around Mother Teresa’s Canonization on BBC Television in London on 2 September 2016. Priya knew Mother since she was a child and worked with her. For Priya, Mother’s overarching compassion lives on in the exmaple of Paint Our World’s work.


Statesman Paint Our World POW


3. The story of Paint Our World featured by the Gorgeous Wanderer. http://gorgeouswanderer.com/my-powerful-journey-one-morning-that-changed-everything/


4. Leading Light, Savvy Magazine India, August 2016. Dr. Priya Virmani shares with Kakoli Poddar how Paint Our World’s work is impacting the lives of the children it is working with.


5. Repainting the world of abused children in Calcutta. In conversation with Dr. Priya Virmani https://grin.news/repainting-the-world-of-abused-children-in-calcutta-100bed25ee04#.81fvr4jqe


6. Interview of Dr. Priya Virmani – Founder of Paint Our World http://www.glad2bawoman.me/category/achievers/dr-priya-virmani-founder-paint-our-world


7. The Art of Rescue: Paint Our World covered by A Sunny Square, 27 May 2016 http://asunnysquare.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/socialinnovation


8. A heart-filling article written by Paint Our World’s Founder and Director on how a simple humanitarian project is turning around the lives of the traumatised children it is working with, April 2016



9. In an article on storytelling, The Tribune, looks at how Paint Our World and other organisations are simply and POWerfully appropriating the POWer of storytelling, April 2016.



10. Agapi, Paint Our World’s beautiful, sell-out exhibition in Kolkata covered by The Telegraph, March 2016



11. Kolkata Curry features Agapi, an exhibition of love that transforms



12. Agapi (a Greek word meaning love), Paint Our World’s exhibition in Kolkata covered by Kolkata’s online newspaper, Kolkata Daily, March 2016



13. Agapi, the POW exhibition at the ITC covered by an online portal, March 2016



14. Agapi featureed in the online resource tumreel



15. Paint Our World features in The Indian Express:


16. Dr. Priya Virmani, writes about Paint Our World for the London based online magazine, The Grit: emPOWering the lives of underserved children, Sept 2015 http://www.womenempowered.co.uk/grit_september_2015.html


17. In a publication for a leading Entrepreneurial Group in London, Priya Virmani’s writes about her journey that created Paint Our World:

Being Your Authentic Self 7 June 2015



18 . Paint Our World was featured in Jet Wings, the in-flight magazine of Jet Airways in June 2015

Jet Wings Jet Airways Article POW June 15


19. POW’s work is covered by the Deccan Herald, 25 June 2015

Deccan Herald, Paint Our World 25th June 2015, Page 1


20. The Tribune, India features POW 13 June, 2015


21. Dr. Priya Virmani, Paint Our World’s Founder and her POW journey are covered by her alma matar, Bristol University


22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLM6bh-sEVQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9saYOeN9TDw&feature=youtu.be


23. iDiva: http://idiva.com/news-iparenting/be-nice-project-sos-survivors-of-child-sexual-abuse/31632


24. http://idiva.com/news-iparenting/a-day-in-the-life-of-founder-director-of-pow-priya-virmani/31215


25. Delhi’s Little Black Book: http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/31232/delhi-ngo-paint-our-world-priya-virmani


26. Job Insight: http://www.jobinsight.com/blog/social-entrepreneurs-trendsetting-leaders


27. The Hans, India

Article on POW, The Hans India 10 Oct 2013


28. The BBC: Dr. Priya Virmani, Founder and Director of POW, was interviewed by the BBC in Feb 2013


29. The Statesman

Statesman Paint Our World POW


30. The Asian Age

Asian Age POW Paint Our World Tonga Ride


31. The Bengal Post

Bengal Post Paint Our World POW Sonagachi


32. Hindustan Times