Empowering the lives of Underserved Children

Love comes in different guises

Love comes in different guises…..
The memory of some days is such that it turns time into a smile…today will always be such a day for me. A day of simple giving that turned into as unadulterated a love as is possible. That turned into the kind of giving that makes the heart of the receiver smile, and the giver smile even more.
And the day ended with one of the POW girls quietly choosing to give half of her Mac Donald’s wrap to a street child.
Today was made beautiful by some remarkable POWers, whom POW is blesssd to have as part of its family.
Thank you million much Namrata, Jyotika, Sandeep, Richa, Kahaan and Nikita. for this brilliant idea, today started by brainstorming with you. For all your love and your care, for being with POW and me most meaningfully.
Santa Claus and Angels do exist….in the 21st century they are called POWers!!!

Thank you is an insufficient word. The smiles in the children’s eyes said it all.
Reshma, Meenu, Bhavi, Komal, Aruu – we missed you!!!!

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