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A very Happy Mother’s Day

A very Happy Mother’s Day….But my wishes are not confined to Mothers alone but rather to the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance this role signifies. Imagine a world where you don’t restrict your maternal feelings to your biological child/children only. Rather, imagine a world where we radiate this love that, not only mothers but each soul is capable of, to all beings. This does not mean one needs to take responsibility for every being in every way the way you do for your biological child. What it does mean is meeting as many souls as possible with the same energy of love, understanding and acceptance which you feel for your own child. Just for a second, pause and imagine if your ‘ability to respond’ to others and especially other children had the same love. Our world would not need morality any more. Morality comes into being because we ‘other’ people besides our closest ones. And humans are adept at sourcing the most devious ways to circumvent morality. So here’s to the mother in each of us (men and women) – to me motherhood is about the ability to respond with complete love and our world would shine if we extended this love irrespective of biological connects. And my Paint Our World children, show me day in and day out, how wonderfully this is possible and how meaningful is the process and beautiful the outcome. With love, Priya

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